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BRRRRRrrrpupupup puhp puhp. . . The Wheel is Spinning

In Weight-Loss Maintenance on November 16, 2010 at 12:16 pm

So many wonderful and daring gamblers, along with a few cowards.  Thank you all for playing my game!

As I analyze it, Red bets have trumped black ten-to-five, with three totally confused people and/or shameless fence-straddlers, or six if you count all of NewMe’s multiple (charming) personalities. 

Today I point out the lines that struck me as funniest (without revealing anything about the contest winner) and I hand out special kudos to those who came up with new boxes for our ever expanding Big Fat Roulette table.  Let’s start with those:

  • Demographics.  Mulberry points out that an aging population is an ever fatter population.  Good call.  Add it to the black side.
  • Proffered by DeeLeigh:  Dieting during pregnancy makes for fat offspring.  While this is an interesting addition to the board, right beside it we would need to place a box for excessive weight gain during pregnancy.  Both, apparently, can cause the offspring to be fat adults.  In other words, always blame mothers regardless of what they do, unless it’s absolutely perfectly in the middle.  Sigh.  Oh, heck, blame mothers anyway, even if they do nothing but get pregnant while fat.  That’s three additions to the black side.  While it is personal choice, it is Mom’s personal choice that makes an offspring fat.
  • Attack-Laurel pointed out that prescription drugs frequently have weight gain as a side effect.  And as we use more prescription drugs we risk more of that side effect. Put that on the Red side. Read the rest of this entry »

The Ultimate, Automatic, Revolutionary, Breakthrough Classification System for Evaluating Diet Experts

In Weight-Loss Maintenance on October 4, 2010 at 7:06 pm

So, you think you want to lose weight.  And this time it’s forever.  How are you going to select your plan?  Or maybe you’re a maintainer, and you’re finding it’s a lot harder than anyone ever told you.  Who are you to believe?   Go get a cup of tea; this post’s a doozy.

First of all, don’t be fooled by adjectives.  If a plan describes itself as “simple,” that’s a clue that it isn’t.  Please understand that nothing is “Revolutionary.”  Nothing qualifies as a “Breakthrough.”  Just because a doctor is involved doesn’t mean it’s credible.  Nothing is a miracle, automatic, intuitive, the solution, the ultimate solution, the last diet you’ll ever need or the only diet that isn’t a fad.  If it claims NOT to be a diet, but rather a lifestyle, then it’s a diet.   And most diet books, at some point, becomes New York Times Best Sellers.  This adds no credibility.  So, how do you evaluate the “experts”? 

Current diet wisdom may be divided along philosophical lines that mirror life in high school.  Among the social order then were juvenile delinquents, jocks, the “fit-in” crowd, mean girls, nerds and lone wolves.  There are corresponding personalities in the world of diet “experts,” and they all write books and/or articles (or have them ghost written), and some push products at you. 

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